Translation by Adrian Krajewski

Polish version

I was walking through various countries, cultures and eras of the museum’s themed galleries. It was quiet. An old pendulum clock was ticking somewhere. A stone sculpture of a goggle-eyed deity stared into the void. Few people were scattered around and they wandered slowly between the showcases. Everything was in place and thus it made me slowly moon about. Then, suddenly a cold gust from the air conditioner caught me in the India room. I felt uneasy. A chilling shiver passed through my body and when it ended, I realised I was not myself anymore. I have changed into a tiger! I felt puzzled and confused, but even more so, I felt surprisingly glad about the transformation. I could sense the huge energy in my new, strong, animal body. I wanted to try it out, so I sprang forward. My long claws tapped on the wooden floor. My run was a manifestation of joy, strength and vitality, so I was surprised to see people running away from me in panic and hiding in various nooks and crannies instead of cheering for me. Czytaj dalej