Icing on the doughnut


Translation by Adrian Krajewski

Polish version

Mary Anne rolled like a ball through one of the main streets in town. Behind her, in single file, followed two dogs, both as obese as she was. First walked Theodore, a Dachshund, who was practically sweeping the pavement with his belly. He was preoccupied with his never-ending digestion and looked as if he was snoozing. He watched the world through the slits between his eyelids, which were open only slightly so as to avoid bumping into things. Because of this fixed expression, he looked as if he judged everything and everyone. Right behind him walked shaggy Katherine – a mixture of spaniel and something very fluffy. She paced as gracefully as she could and looked around with her large black eyes, which were surrounded by dark eyelash curtains. Despite her graceful stride and insightful look, she appeared comical because of the four long and stick-like legs that poked out from her round body. Czytaj dalej